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Indonesian woman smiling confidently with cute pink braces on her teeth.
Healthy well-cared teeth make one more confident to smile brightly, however, the ratio of dental professionals serving society is highly under capacity. (Image: Peter John Manlapig, Pexels)

Business opportunities for Japan & Indonesian dental market are highly lucrative, but it also comes with their own share of risks that can be properly managed with the help of a dental market entry services provider.

Both countries are prosperous nations with distinct cultural richness and unique geographical landscapes that require vital local knowledge to uncover the strategic priorities of any business seeking to enter the booming markets of Japan and Indonesia.

Japan’s Aging Population

Japan’s dentistry tech is known as one of the most advanced and sought-after in the dental equipment industry, however, the nation faces a darker stark reality of not having enough young people in the country.

As the world’s leading country with the highest number of elderly people (according to, by September 2022 almost 30% of the country’s population is aged 65 or more), the Japanese government is in a concerted effort to transform public places & adapt new policies to accommodate their aging citizens.

The growing elderly population creates a huge demand for a fresh supply of young workforce and requires the Japanese government & society to reform themselves to become more proactive in general oral hygiene care as early as possible.

Senior population statistics compiled by the Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in September 2020 show that nearly 30% of Japan’s citizens are aging. (Image:

Different Markets, Different Needs & Challenges

Different than Japan, Indonesia also has a similar dental professionals shortage but from a different angle. According to an official decree released by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in 2020, the ratio of oral hygiene care-taker available is only one for every 11,916 people, meaning that the number of dental healthcare professionals ready for service is massively under capacity.

This fact combined with a survey that postulates nearly 95% of Indonesian citizens have never once set foot inside a dentist’s clinic provides the notion that general oral healthcare is not regarded as important in the average Indonesian life.

Such an issue is a ticking time bomb that will eventually take a toll on the nation’s healthcare costs if no precedents are set right now.

Although Indonesia has healthy population growth by age and is in fact a nation driven by the curiosity and energy of its young people as they enter the most productive phase in their life, many however lack the direction, vision, and confidence to take on a new challenging career pathway that may transform their lives for the better.

Together here at Dentayori, we are well-positioned to provide that vision & direction as our mission is to raise a new generation of young people ready to serve the dental healthcare needs of the people of Japan and Indonesia.

Solutions for Your Dental Market Entry Process

Dentayori as a holistic development platform serving the global young dental community has a particular focus on serving Japanese & Indonesian dental healthcare professionals.

If your company dwells in the dental industry group, we are ready to assist your business tackle the market entry process into the Japanese & Indonesian markets.

Our multi-national team members have a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding the cultural, economic, and regulatory landscape of these countries.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to help your business manage the complex market entry risks so you can focus on growing and expanding your business with less to worry about:

  • Identification of behavioral or cultural differences so your business may have an adaptive approach to captivate your audience.
  • Consultation on regional legal frameworks & bureaucracy requirements.
  • Translation service with understanding and eloquence in local communication nuance.
  • All-inclusive video production (including subtitling) to better introduce your values visually.
  • Screen, recruit & onboard talented resources for your local business team.
  • Plan, publish & manage your business event with community collaboration.
From a series of dental webinars to corporate human resources onboarding program, our team at Dentayori can provide for your dental business. (Image: Dentayori)

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted and evolved how we do business forever, with the rise of a new era of young workforces with their own distinct beliefs and core values; enterprises are set to adapt fast to the current trends or perish forever.

Avoid the pitfalls of entering these new markets and maximize your chance of success in Japan and Indonesia with Dentayori’s B2B services.

Whether you are a small startup or a large multinational corporation, our service is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of your business.

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