Blended Learning and Career Planning Platform For Young Global Dental Community.
Blended Learning and Career Planning Platform For Young Global Dental Community.
Upcoming Webinar + Live Q&A
Japan Dental Tour 2023
Dentayori x Japan Denture Professional

Dentayori in collaboration with Japan Denture Professional proudly presents to you our very first Japan Dental Tour 2023.

Get acquainted directly with prosthodontics and digital dentistry experts, with additional insight into preparing a denture-ready community from Japan Denture Professional and topped with a dentistry exhibition tour to the 46th Central Japan Dental Show.

March 2023
Full Version - Direct Restoration A to Z (2nd Batch)
Photo of Dr. Tetsuji Aoshima
Dr. Tetsuji Aoshima

How to participate

  1. Register & watch all 6 modules (all comes with English subtitles)
  2. Join LIVE Q&A Session to ask directly to the speaker (live translation provided) on November 27th, 2022
VR in Dentistry: Increasing Patient Comfort
Photo of xCura Inc: Mr. Yuichiro Niijima
xCura Inc: Mr. Yuichiro Niijima

Watch the video, meet the founder, Yuichiro Niijima, and experience XR Therapy: VR Distraction tool to reduce patient pain and anxiety, for the first time in Indonesia. This program is co-hosted by Denthusiast and xCura inc.

Hakata Medical School x Universitas Airlangga
Photo of Hakata Medical School
Hakata Medical School
Law in Dentistry
Photo of ZeLo Japan: Ms. Fiesta & Mr. Nomura
ZeLo Japan: Ms. Fiesta & Mr. Nomura

It might not be a common practice yet, but understanding the law is important in every field, including dentistry.

Two lawyers from ZeLo Japan, a Tokyo Based International Law Firm, are going to talk about law in dentistry. We hope this program can help you to better understand legal issues in the dental field.

Frequently-Asked Questions

  • What is Dentayori?

    Dentayori is a blended online dental learning platform for dental learners and practitioners. We provide videos and live webinars from experts related to the dental field to enhance your knowledge in the dental industry.

  • How do I join dentayori?

    You can Sign Up directly from our Dentayori website by participating in one of our programs.

  • How much do I have to pay for Dentayori?

    In general, Dentayori charges you JPY 1000 (approximately Rp. 125,000) per video module. A program consists of up to 6 x 30 minutes modules. All modules include 1 time live online Q&A session with the speaker.

  • What are the available payment options?

    You will need to pay by credit card upon check out. For other payment options, you can contact our partners to buy/get coupon codes. We also offer occasional free programs. Check back often or follow our IG account for updates.

  • What are the benefits I get from joining dentayori?

    You will get access to various learning videos (not only technical stuff but also about management, marketing, law, etc.) that will be useful to grow your career. You can also meet other young, passionate people, and get inspiration from successful speakers. You will be able to join offline hands-on workshops exclusive for Dentayori members in your home country and abroad.

  • What are the topics covered by Dentayori?

    We will be delivering various topics which change regularly. Besides technical skills, such as orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and other dental specialties, we will also cover topics related to business, marketing, law, mental health in dentistry, and more.

    We believe modern dental professionals need to collaborate with other professions and know more than just the basic dental skills to flourish.

  • Can I download the webinar module videos?

    Unfortunately, you can’t download it. You can watch anytime before the Live Q&A session by logging in to your Dentayori’s page.

  • What happens after I watch all the videos ?

    You can join a live online Q&A session with the speaker. The live session would be the chance for you to have your further questions answered. Make sure that you have watched all webinar module videos before the live Online Q&A so you can understand better and participate in discussions with the speakers.

  • I don't understand Japanese, but I still want to watch Dentayori videos…

    Dentayori videos are subbed with English and Bahasa Indonesia. Please do not worry about getting lost in translation when you watch our modules.

About Dentayori Provisional



Dentayori comes from the word “Dental” and “Tayori” (頼り; the Japanese word for “reliable”).
Our goal is to support the well-being of the young global dental community (not only for dentists but also for other professions), through equal, holistic education and work opportunities so they can be reliable dental professionals spread worldwide, the keys to sustainable oral healthcare.



We started our pilot project in 2021 with the support of Hakata Medical School in Japan and cipta d.lab in Indonesia.
Both Indonesia and Japan are currently facing a lack of dental technicians for different reasons. Indonesia lacks schools and learning materials, while Japan lacks young people interested to study and work in that field. We believe much can be gained by connecting both countries through our blended online dental learning platform, created by a team of dental, EdTech, and HR specialists.



In 2022, we plan to take our pilot project further by collaborating with more institutions with similar visions. We call this phase Dentayori “Provisional”. Just like the use of provisional restorations helps dental teams to create good final restorations, we hope to create new learning, networking, and working experience for young global professionals through Dentayori Provisional together with you.



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